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02 May 2009 @ 01:57 pm
Fanforum NJ Reasons List  


Because they look amazing together!
Because she could brighten up Nate's dull world.
Because four episodes and no scenes yet but we love them anyways!
Because they make the perfect 'Prince Charming and Cinderella'
Because they're perfect for each other
Because they'll be good for each other
Because Serena WHO? Blair WHAT?
Because Nate needs a nice girl.
Because he bought her chocolates?
Because Nate can count on Jenny.
Because when their eyes meet each other the chemicals react
Because despite the way Blair said it, Little J does have a chance with Nate
Because it was like they had known each other for years
Because he feels he can trust her
Because they both could use a fresh start, together
Because they're unbelievably adorable around each other!
Because they had their first unofficial date
Because they couldn't stop smiling
Becasue he wanted to take a walk with her
Because in the mist of a bad day she made his night great
Because she had a good time and so did he
Because they officially met with a kiss!
Because Nathaniel is got a crush
Because if the look on his face is any indication, she gives the best hugs!
Because "What Would Blair think?" "Well, Blair's up there.."
Because a walk sounded good
Because he's truly Nate around her
Because he's honest when he's with Jenny
Because Blair thought Jenny had a crush on Nate
Because Blair suspects Jenny has a chance
Because both their families aren't doing so great now
Because they ditched Blair's party together
Because he had a good night with her even though his day sucked
Because their hug made it on Gossip Girl
Because they both had fun that night
Because he stops it all when Jenny says so ("When does it ever stop?" .. "It stops when you stop it)
Because "again, its not your fault"
Because he doesn't blame Jenny for anything
Because they relate to each other
Because Jenny tells Nate the truth (about C&B)
Because Nate didn't want Jenny in trouble with Blair
Because he protects her
Because Jenny and Nate have a special bond
Because they are security blankets
b/c they're TV Guide's "Gossip's Hot New Couple"
b/c she's not like those girls
b/c she she called him for help
b/c he truly cares and protects her
Because she caught him in a towel and totally checked him out.
Because Nate noticed her hair cut and told her her she looked good.
Because Nate went to see Jenny and give her her notebook that she left.
Because Agnes sensed that Nate wanted to "do" Jenny.
Because Nate caught up with her at the gallery and told her he wanted to hang out with her.
Because Nate acted all jealous of the guy that she left with.
Because Nate came to find her at Agnes's and refused to leave without her.
Because Agnes again said that she knew Nate had feelings for Jenny.
Because Nate doesn't deny his feelings for Jenny.
Because Nate offered to wait for Jenny.
Because Nate held onto Jenny as they left.
Because Jenny asked Nate why he cared and he can't seem to find the words to say.
Because, "Because."
Because, "sigh." *thud*
Because Jenny took the initiative and kissed Nate.
Because when Jenny tried to walk away Nate grabbed her and kissed her back.
Because during this insanely hot makeout, he totally grabbed her butt.
Because Jenny got her happy ending.
Bc Nate Archibald actually wanted to wait
Bc he cares
Bc she's his missing piece
Bc he's the last piece to her puzzle
Bc she's the little sister he'd like 'to do'
Bc even a drug-addict notices their chemistry (In this case Agnes is the drug-addict)
Bc Shakespeare ain't got no game compared to them
Bc he was broken and she built him back up
Bc age is just a number
Bc their smiles are infectious
Bc they set each other on fire
Because the way he looks at her makes us swoon.
Because he does care about her.
Because he kissed her again.
Because he doesn't regret last week.
Because he can't hide the way he feels about her
Because his emotions are too strong for him to pretend they don't exist
Because he thinks about her all the time
Because he know he's suppose to stay away from her, but he doesn't want to
Because we know Nate has a thing for blonds
Because he wrote the cutest love letter since... well ever
Because it was just a question of time that they hook up
Because impossible doesn't exist in their vocabulary
Because he thinks she's beautiful even with heavy eye make-up
Because nobody can deny that they have enough chemistry to pass the SATs
Because we all knew she'd never be just like a little sister to him
Because we say so
Because she's always been there for him

to be continued......
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